Some Dangers From Pandemic Fatigue

Some Dangers From Pandemic Fatigue

Later, two times closer, it should surprise no bones

, at the very least, countless people are tired, or indeed, far more, tired, and sick-and-tired of this terrible epidemic, and its effects on our lives! Yet, it should not and cannot justify, some supreme- casualness, in respect of the lesser good, and adherence to introductory, common sense, public health, protective measures! How did it come to other political issues, so numerous, supposedly putting their special/political interests and dockets first? How many more must be infected, rehabilitated, discarded, threatened, and/or die? Many veterans have lost their battles, as have the weak-willed, and we still don’t know all of the long-term effects and implications! Why does this nation, despite its sweat and expense, have the lowest vaccination rate among the world’s first-league, developed nations? Everyone is tired of it, and wants, to return to normal, but, an untimely sweat, damages our overall sweat, and the event of optimizing our sweat! With that in mind, this essay will compactly examine and review essays and why, we need to do better.


1) Conspiracy Propositions For some reason, some prefer to believe unsupported, opinions and accept them instead of data. It started with denial, turned into accusation and created dangerous resistance. Is there anyone who has not witnessed or endured the loss of a loved one? Although, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, they are not to their own set of data. It’s one thing if your behavior only harms you, but quite another, when it threatens others!

2) Politics Why is this political, so numerous, assumed, common sense, problem, like? There is a huge difference between a possible outcome and a well-thought-out plan as opposed to condemnation and complaint, denial and antisociality!


3) Data and wisdom matter Mike Bloomberg likes to say, “In God we trust. Everyone else, bring the data.” As history shows, it takes a wisdom-based, planned, championed, and supported by public health, medical, and scientific workforces and experts to create a meaningful, fact-based, sweat.

4) Resistance to Accreditation Although we have seen public health approval, in history, it seems we are going through the most polarized nation in recent memory! Just because someone disagrees doesn’t mean he knows more than the experts!


Either we do it more unitedly, or we prolong the horror. Wake up America, many more ahead, lose this war! It’s over, everyone of us!

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